Harley Jaffar

Osteopath, Acupuncturist

Hi, I am Harley, and am a registered and insured osteopath. My passion for osteopathy started after injuring my back during a game of rugby in my early twenties and finding effective treatment for it was from an osteopath. As a therapist I love going through the process of establishing the root cause of the problem and then being able to treat it directly with a practical, ‘hands on’ approach. For example a tennis player comes to me with a shoulder pain, and we work out it is actually the stiffness through their hips, causing them to compensate for this by over working their shoulder, resulting in a strain. So by improving their hip movement, their shoulder is no longer being over worked, and the problem and pain goes away.

One of the great aspects of my work is meeting and treating such a diverse range of people. In the last year, my patients have included pregnant women, builders, those going through treatment for cancer, numerous office workers with pain and stiffness resulting from long periods in front of a computer, as well as a World Junior Tennis Champion who was playing at Wimbledon. I see a very broad age range: from new borns struggling with feeding, to school children with growing pains, to patients in their eighties and nineties, and everything in- between.

In the UK, osteopaths are registered members of the General Osteopathic Council and membership requires a minimum of four years’ intensive training to degree level. By looking at the whole body and using manual methods of diagnosis and treatment, we aim to reduce pain, improve movement and enable patients to achieve a better state of health.

Aside from being an osteopath, I am also a avid cyclist, having once cycled half round the world, I’m also an obsessive photographer too. However these days when I am not working I can usually be found on the side of a football or cricket pitch in Devon supporting my kids.