Having had the pleasure of working collaboratively with Mark I can honestly say he is the best Rehabilitation Instructor I have come across in my 12 years of Army service. Whether it’s injury recovery, movement dysfunction or performance enhancement you need he truly is the man to see. I have struggled with overhead mobility/range of motion in my left shoulder for many years and after one session with Mark I had a drastic improvement. This enabled me to put almost 10% on my overhead press pretty much overnight.

Get yourself booked in, you will not regret it!!!!”

Brett Steels

“A truly amazing experience. Mark has started to undo the years of harm I have done to my body from various accidents and a significant head trauma. A brilliant combination of passionate people, skill and technology to identify and treat. I can feel the positive effects of my first session and can’t wait to go back.

Aside from the treatment, they are really friendly, kind people who made me feel at ease immediately.
The website says no hard sell and it means it.
I can’t recommend them highly enough!”


“After 12 years of suffering lower back pain following a car accident, two visits to Mark and I am now completely pain free. I’m able to function perfectly as opposed to constantly working around injury every day. Truly life changing for me, uplifting and I am fixed! Mark, Meg and Michelle are extremely welcoming, they all make you feel at ease the minute you arrive, professional and friendly, understanding and the most important point, I walked away with results I never thought possible. A HUGE thank you to Mark, I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending him to anyone who is struggling on a daily basis with pain.”

Sue Stocks

“Booked an appointment at Three Sixty Rehab whilst suffering from chronic back pain and literally struggling to walk. After a full pain assessment and a carefully structured exercise program, (including regular follow up appointments and assessments), I’m now fitter than I’ve ever been. I now enjoy the gym, swimming, and regularly cycle over 100km per week. Extremely helpful and friendly staff, who are always happy to offer advice and guidance on injury and recovery.

Monthly massage, laser treatment and exercise recovery sessions are always excellent. I literally feel 20 years younger after every session. Highly recommended!!”

Mike Summers

“I have suffered with Achilles issues for about 3 years within 2 sessions Mark has made such a difference to my ability just to walk without pain and with flexibility. I am not sporty but love walking my dog, This is life changing for me. Thank you”

Sandra Curzon

“I was so fortunate and will be forever grateful to have been referred to this service late last year by my PT and have been working with Mark Jones and the Three Sixty team since… have made a few referrals too.
I will just say… their modalities, techniques, superior brain scanning equipment, experience, knowledge, high integrity, willingness to help and healing success is beyond anything I (and from what I’ve been fed-back by those I’ve recommended) has exceeded anything ever experienced. It is hard to put into short words the exemplary results in healing serious injury, pain and trauma, both physical and emotional they are able to achieve… If nothing has worked, just try it… You will not regret nor be disappointed. The results speak for themselves”

Sue Cody

“Mark and Meg have been absolutely amazing.
Having suffered for months with a bad neck and being in agony, I am now completely pain free and able to operate correctly again!
I think Mark is secretly a wizard as his work is incredible
Thank you”

Mark Worsley

“Mark really knows his stuff, results are amazing. Lovely bloke who takes time to explain what’s going on and really cares about putting it right. Highly recommended. Mark really knows his stuff, results are amazing. Lovely bloke who takes time to explain what’s going on and really cares about putting it right. Highly recommended.”

Rich White

“Mark was my Injury Rehab instructor when I was in the military. The professionalism and knowledge shown by Mark is second to none! Three Sixty is a fantastic centre and a great opportunity to overcome any injuries!”

Billy Gibson

“If you are in any way wondering what to do next when an injury is getting you down and everyone tells you that there is no way you can be fixed, then you need to look no further than Three Sixty Rehab”

Sean Cole

“The NHS doesn’t have the time for sports injuries and to see a specialist in sports injuries is nearly impossible through these channels. This makes a place like Three Sixty Rehab a must for people who want to keep living life to the full and not living life around their sports injuries.”

Glyn Dexter

“Mark saw me yesterday and I had an Initial Assessment. Altho’ I thought I had no injuries, he was able to find an age-old injury that was affecting my gait and gave me some straight forward ‘do-able’ exercises to redress. I can see/feel benefit already. I’m 57 and want to keep active for the next 30 years. If you’re like me, get down to see Mark to see what can be done. Worth every penny. Mark saw me yesterday and I had an Initial Assessment. Altho’ I thought I had no injuries, he was able to find an age-old injury that was affecting my gait and gave me some straight forward ‘do-able’ exercises to redress. I can see/feel benefit already. I’m 57 and want to keep active for the next 30 years. If you’re like me, get down to see Mark to see what can be done. Worth every penny.”

Justin Smallwood

“I can’t recommend Mark and this clinic enough. He is the ultimate professional and extremely knowledgeable. I went in with lower back pain I’ve lived with off and on for 14years. In ONE meeting I am officially pain free and the interaction and education I received along the way was second to none. Absolutely over the moon and I can’t recommend this place enough. I’ll be back for the run clinics and check ups and it will be my go to recommendation. Many thanks Magic Mark

Sorrell Rawlings

“I Highly recommend Mark Jones for his knowledge and understanding of how complex and totally amazing our human body is. I feel emotionally different as well as physically after one (long !) rehab session. When you live with pain and/or discomfort for years you can forget how you should feel when everything is working as it should…if like me, you have tried all sorts of treatments over the years, don’t waste any more time. Give Three Sixty Rehab a call today, you won’t regret it..”


“Had a really good experience with Mark, was friendly and professional from the get go, you can instantly tell he’s very passionate about his work, I’ve been to see meny people about my situation and after explaining to me his view it all started making sense, I highly recommend mark. Thanks buddy”

Dan Hoare

“My experience with Mark has been absolutely brilliant, his knowledge, experience and passion for his work is second to none. His relaxed approached made me feel comfortable straight away and he takes time to explain things fully. I wouldn’t recommend anyone else.”

Anna Simms

“I had an assessment on Thursday, amazing knowledge and put me on track to succeed in improving my performance for my up and coming Ironman. If you have niggles and want to improve your performance no matter what level you are, Mark is the person to see.”

Paul Cross

“Mark and Meg are a fantastic team who instantly put you at ease. My teenage daughter had been suffering with a lifetime of ankle issues.(weakness/sprains) and after a couple of more severe netball sprains this year we decided to pay Three Sixty Rehab a visit.After a couple of short laser sessions with Meg she was pain free. We then saw Mark for an assessment and Righteye test. An old scar from an operation as a very young child was found to be an issue and since Mark worked his magic my daughter has been free of all pain and weekness.

She is now back playing netball confidently and running distances that were never achievable before. After a second Righteye test a month later her score had improved from 42 to an astounding 70. I would highly recommend both Mark and Meg for their fountain of knowledge and expertise.”

Kate Skinner

“Great treatment from an amazing team! They took the time to understand my background, injuries and current problems. It’s a great atmosphere with no stuffy waiting rooms. I can’t recommend them enough.”

Tim Barley

“Mark Jones rebuilt my body after a motorbike accident in 2012. Drs and physios told me I would not walk without crutches and I would be medically discharged from the Armed Forces.

After 8 month working with Mark I was back to 100% fitness and back in the Armed Forces.
Mark doesn’t just fix you, he gives you the knowledge to continue to improve your functional fitness and overall health.
I am once again a client of Marks after having intrusive surgery on my knee.
His knowledge is greater than ever and his unwavering enthusiasm for the human body is infectious.
He has built an impressive rehabilitation clinic since I saw him last.
Fantastic location.
Good price.
Great facilities.
Helpful and attentive staff.
As an experienced rehab patient, I strongly recommend Three Sixty Rehab Clinic to anyone wanting to reach their physical potential.”

Tony Pugh

“Mark was a very friendly and easy going guy. I told him the issues I was having and he was able to give me instant relief for what I have been dealing with for 2 years! I have also been given exercises to repel these injuries for good. Thanks Mark!”

Liam Collins

“Mark and Meg did an amazing job sorting out chronic back pain I’ve been suffering for years. Their approach and treatment is so very different from anything else I’ve tried before and I must say I’m seeing very good improvements so far. Michelle also follows up with emails and phone calls and you really feel part of a big family!”


“I’ve spent hundreds of pounds & hours on myriad different physio’s and other modalities over the last 6+ years, accompanied by a constant conscious focus applied to everyday life, scanning every little thing I do in an attempt to information gather in the hopes that a future therapist may be served by this and enable me to resolve my pain. Turns out, none of this helped half as much as the 3 sessions I had with Mark.

Something I found very interesting was his evident passion and driven focus to get to the bottom of my dysfunction and make every minute worth my time. This was contrasted by an equally genuine friendliness and interest in what I had to say. Michelle and Meg both echo this. Together they’ve created an environment that fosters comfort and feels much more like being round a friend’s house than just another client on the conveyor belt of business. This is an environment I’ve never experienced in any business before.

Important to note:

– This is rehab for those who are done away with limited, conventional physio. This is for those with unrelenting chronic issues or those who know there are deeper issues at play. At no point did I feel like Mark was near the end of his tool-belt of techniques to try. This is in direct opposition with my experience of the standardised physio methods and Dr’s assessments, NHS or private.

– The body and the mind are inseparably connected. If you go in with this mindset, or at least open to it, you will make progress.

– If any of this resonates, I would seriously encourage you to consider an assessment session (or a quick phone call) with Mark to see if you click and are open to this kind of work. The price is daunting, but for me at least, any concerns I had over wasted pounds quickly dissipated when the work began. “

Mike Atkins

“I went to Three Sixty to see Mark about my shoulder and neck pain due to being a barber. The clinic itself is lovely and Mark and Meg are a great team together. Mark initially went through a lot of detailed information with me regarding any previous injuries etc to get a better understanding of my issues. It was really interesting to see him look at the body in a completely different way than every other physio therapist or osteopath had done before. He looks at injuries and pain with a view that it might be manifesting from something that happened, physical or emotional, years before the pain even started! They’ve got some pretty cool kit which helps you understand whats going on neurologically too. It’s clear to see he knows his profession inside and out and his extensive knowledge puts you at ease. If you’re wondering if you should give them a go yourself, do it! You won’t regret it!”

Liv Plum

I was apprehensive on my first visit to see Mark & the team but at the same time hopeful. I had reached a point where I was just miserable, I hurt everywhere, my back, my legs, my arms, what I thought was sciatica too & my mood was very low, not like me at all. My son in law has known Mark for many years & suggested I book an appointment, I am so very very happy that I did. I can’t really describe what the treatment consists of but can only say that it works. I felt revitalised after each visit & gradually the discomfort eased & flexibility improved.Not only is my overall flexibility & movement now greatly improved, so too is my mood & self esteem. I had some emotional traumas too which I thought I had coped with many years ago until Mark discovered that emotion was contributing to my problems. He didn’t want details but just how that trauma made me feel at the time. He then worked his ‘magic’ which is all I can call it & I can honestly say that it has made a huge difference to me & my daily life & I cannot thank him enough for that. As he said you cannot change the past but when the incident pops into your mind you can dismiss it & that is 100% true, absolutely amazing. I signed up for the full course & it was worth every penny. Mark, Meg & Michelle are a wonderful team of people & I miss my visits to 360 very much is was an amazing & enjoyable experience from start to finish with fantastic results. The future is now up to me to keep up the exercise so that I benefit fully from my treatment. I am 75 with two total knee replacements due to arthritis but I am able once again to be active & comfortable thanks to Mark & the team & should I have any issues in the future they will be my first port of call. Thank you all so very much.

Pat Stone