About Us

About Us

Three Sixty Rehab

Three Sixty Rehab was formed in May 2017 as an innovative ‘Movement Clinic’, which uses ‘Advanced Physical Therapy’ (a combination of Neuroscience and Human Biomechanics) to treat a broad range of pain complaints and movement dysfunctions.  

The model created by Three Sixty Rehab was formulated over 17 years. We combine a mixture of exercise therapy with the most up to date therapeutic techniques available. We begin the assessment with an in depth discussion focussed on finding out as much information as possible regarding your ‘pain history’. This is followed by a full body biomechanical screening process so we can start to see the level of dysfunction in the system and then work out the root cause of your presenting pain/movement complaint. Rather than treating the symptoms with no real meaningful change, we go straight for the reason your body isn’t working properly. This allows for a long term solution to your pain complaint.

The paradigm of thinking is based on the philosophy that ‘the body heals itself’, we just need to create the environment. 

Functional Movement Neurology

Human Biomechanics

Advanced massage techniques