Fully Comprehensive Assessment

Three Sixty Rehab

Welcome to our pain and injury assessment, where we offer a transformative solution to your discomfort.

With our Fully Comprehensive Assessment, we go beyond simply looking at the point of pain or injury. We recognize that your body functions as a well-coordinated system, much like a computer with its software and hardware. Just as you wouldn’t start dismantling the mouse or keyboard when your computer has a glitch, we understand the importance of examining the underlying “software” of your body—the intricate relationship between your brain and the rest of your system.

Our dedicated team aims to uncover the root causes of your pain, rather than solely focusing on the symptoms. By delving into the bigger picture, we can provide you with a comprehensive understanding of your unique situation and develop a tailored approach to alleviate your discomfort and restore your active lifestyle. Get ready to say goodbye to pain and embrace lasting relief with our holistic assessment process.

The Software System

When we talk about the ‘software system’ we are referring to the most complex system, your brain! We begin with a comprehensive neurological assessment that involves evaluating the functionality of the nervous system. We use the ‘RightEye Brain Screen’, a process that employs advanced laser eye tracking technology to assess the connections between your eyes and brain pathways.  The results can provide essential information about the integrity of the nervous system and its connections to the body. Any abnormalities detected during this screening can indicate potential neurological dysfunction that may affect coordination, balance, muscle function.

Following that, we move forward with a series of functional neurological tests that provide us with a deeper understanding of how your nervous system interacts with the various functions of your body. Through these tests, we assess the communication between your nerves and brain, specifically examining how they coordinate with different aspects such as the joints and muscles. By conducting these tests, we gather valuable information about the intricate relationship between your nervous system and overall bodily functions. This knowledge empowers us to identify any potential problems or imbalances and develop precise strategies to effectively address them.

The Hardware System

After assessing the ‘software system’ we move onto assessing the ‘hardware system’. By this, we are referring to the rest of your body!

Throughout the assessment, we carefully consider factors such as your posture, how you walk and run (known as gait), and the range of motion in your body. These careful observations provide us with valuable insights into the underlying cause of your pain or injury. We perform a thorough biomechanical screen, examining the movement of your joints and the function of your muscles throughout your entire body. This comprehensive assessment not only helps us identify the primary source of your pain but also uncovers any associated pain patterns or compensatory movement habits that may be contributing to your discomfort. By understanding these factors, we can develop a more comprehensive and tailored approach to address your pain and optimize your overall movement and well-being.

The Rehab Plan

Our primary objective is to create a comprehensive and personalized plan designed to alleviate your pain and improve your overall mobility and quality of life. The duration of your treatment plan will be determined based on the findings from your assessment. It can range from 2 to 10 weeks, as the length of the plan will be entirely dependent on the specific discoveries made during the assessment. We understand that each individual’s needs are unique, and we will tailor the duration of your treatment accordingly to ensure the best possible outcomes for your condition.

With our vast experience of 24 years, we have identified and refined the most effective treatment methodologies that consistently deliver positive outcomes. Some of these methodologies include:

Functional Neurology - Working alongside the nervous ‘software’ system

Laser Assisted Massage - working with the ‘hardware system’ to reduce inflammation and rapidly enhancing recovery

Functional Movement - working through a variety of movement patterns and exercise to help your body overcome old patterns