Laser Assisted Deep Tissue Massage

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Why Laser Assisted Massage?

Experience a massage like no other. Have you ever encountered the frustration of temporary relief, only to be plagued by recurring pain and soreness shortly thereafter? Reset your expectations and embark on a transformative journey with Three Sixty Rehab. We have pioneered a revolutionary approach by seamlessly integrating Phase IV Laser Therapy, deep tissue techniques, and instrument-assisted methods, culminating in the epitome of pain management, enhanced performance, and expedited recovery.
When combining Phase IV Laser Therapy with deep tissue massage & instrument assisted, you are offering the body the optimal chance to heal and repair. We are able to address the majority of the structures within the body, including the fascia, lymphatic system, digestive system as well as the muscles, bones & joints.

Benefits of Phase IV Laser Assisted Deep Tissue Massage include:

Enhanced Healing: Phase IV Laser Therapy helps stimulate cellular activity and improve blood circulation, reducing inflammation & accelerating the healing process within the tissues.
Deeper Tissue Penetration: Laser therapy can penetrate deeper into the tissues, reaching areas that may be difficult to target with manual techniques alone. This can be particularly beneficial for addressing chronic pain, scar tissue, and deeper muscular restrictions.
Targeted Treatment: Instrument-assisted techniques allow for precise targeting of specific areas and muscles. The specialized tools used in this approach can break up scar tissue, release adhesions, and release fascial restrictions.
Increased Efficiency: By combining laser therapy and instrument-assisted techniques, we can achieve greater therapeutic effects in a shorter amount of time.
Comprehensive Approach: Laser-assisted massage with instrument-assisted techniques provides a comprehensive and holistic approach to addressing musculoskeletal conditions.

What is Phase IV Laser Therapy?

Prepare to witness the remarkable transformation as your body’s innate healing process is seamlessly expedited at the cellular level. Unlike conventional approaches that merely mask pain symptoms, Phase IV Laser Therapy deftly targets the root cause, fostering genuine healing within the tissues. Experience the versatility of laser therapy, capable of addressing a diverse range of conditions, from sprains, strains, and tennis/golfer’s elbow to tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, fracture healing, and low back pains. Revel in the benefits of improved circulation, diminished pain and swelling, reduced scarring, and enhanced range of motion. Welcome to a new era of optimized well-being, where cutting-edge technology harmonizes with the innate healing power of your body.

What is Deep Tissue Massage?

Massage is a hands on therapy that works by manually flushing toxins from the body whilst improving both lymphatic and blood circulation.
Effects of massage include a reduction in pain, an increased range of motion and decreased muscle tension. Benefits also include an increased supply of oxygen and nutrients to the muscles, leading to enhanced muscle recovery as well reduced adhesions in the muscles.
We use a combination of massage techniques. Deep tissue is used to break down adhesions within the muscle.

What is instrument assisted massage?

Traditional deep tissue massage tends to focus on the muscles alone. However there is a thin connective tissue that coats not only the muscles, but every organ, blood vessel, bone and nerve fibre, called ‘fascia’. Fascia doesn’t just act as a scaffolding, it also acts as a communication system. This helps coordinate movement and maintain balance in our body, ensuring that everything works together smoothly. When there are restrictions and adhesions within the fascia, misinformation is spread around the body, creating movement dysfunction, aches & pains. Instrument assisted massage can target specific areas and essentially ‘re-map’ the system.

What we offer

We offer a variety of Laser Assisted Massages.
These include sports specific massage as well as a holistic full body massage.

Each massage is tailored to you, so for more information on this session or enquiries, please contact us.

Pricing: £85 ~ 60 mins

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